Around the Globe…SOHO Shooters


This is what I do for a living. I don’t mean for money, although on occasion I do get paid for it. I mean for a living! This wakes me up, gives me joy and make me happy  that I am alive! Being a photographer and traveling to the most awesome places in the world in search of exquisite images is hands down the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Wherever I go, there are other shooters like me, too. I used to be intimidated, but not anymore. We are all looking for the same thing. Our own personal joy!  Glad to be in such gorgeous company. PH.








Around the Globe…NYC!

I’ve decided to change “The Monthly Review” to “Around the Globe”.

I seek out style and inspiration everywhere I go. I don’t see the point in keeping it in one back yard. I want to include the whole world in this humble blog, one city at a time. I believe I can learn far more from inclusion than exclusion, so from here on out the VSR is going global. We are free to roam wherever we want with only one agenda and that is STYLE!

 Let the new adventure begin!


Men… Alvin Lampkins

text Alvin Lampkins | photos Pete Hopkins


Retail Professional, Menswear Enthusiast, Fashion Photo Stylist, Fashion Blogger, Style Writer.


 “My goals are to help shine a spotlight on SanFrancisco lifestyle. My blogs are The Retail A-List and


I am an artist in that I believe that whatever you do can be done in art form. My aRtistiC expression blog is
My goal is to live life as a work of aRt ,doing art that matters thus leading a romantic life.
One of my mottos…’Yesterday we dreamed, Today we build, Tomorrow they follow.’


Being part of the movement in SF to build and expand the style scene is an important quest and

I am thrilled to contribute to the success of  The Valencia Street Review.