Pete’s View:

The Valencia Street Review was born out of a desire to spotlight the style and culture of SF and has since grown to include all corners of the globe. My fascination with STYLE is paramount. Whether that manifests itself in a street level or a high end manner, it makes no difference to me. The VSR is not limited to only fashion and beauty. I am seeking out STYLE in all it’s forms. Music, art, theatre, dance, writing, interiors, exteriors, food, community, etc. I welcome all expressions of Style.

As a fashion and street photographer, I have an obvious need to show my own work, but I do appreciate and acknowledge others’ contributions to the art, namely Bill Cunningham and Scott Schuman, for their influences on me. Also, and in no particular order, the works of Annie Leibowitz, Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Yousuf Karsch, Diane Arbus, and Henri Cartier – Bresson, to name but a very few.


Thank you and enjoy!

Pete Hopkins – Founder/ Blogger/ Photographer

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Emily’s View:

Style and expression have always been major influences in my life. Becoming part of The Valencia Street Review has given me the opportunity to seek and explore these things throughout San Francisco, the greater Bay Area, and beyond. Here at The VSR we strive to highlight Style in all it’s many forms, whether they be fashion, music, architecture, tech, and everything in-between. For me, I want to find Style in all it’s glory and glamour. I want to find it as it is echoed in my inspirations, such as Coco Chanel, La Carmina, John Lennon, and Kurt Vonnegut. I want to find it in a scarf draped around the neck of beautiful woman. I want to find it in the words of a 12 year old boy performing sonnets on the street. I want to find it in the roses painted along the gates of a community garden. Essentially, I want to find it anywhere it can and will be found. I hope to express what I find not only in my writing, but in my entire life as well.


Emily Pinnell-Stewart – Editor at Large / Journalist / World Traveler