News…The Fashionista Virus

The Fashionista Virus


I heard the message loud and clear. “THE FASHIONISTA VIRUS NEEDS TO STOP!” The posing on the streets has gotten out of hand, but don’t most good trending ideas become ludicrous in the hands of the masses? Individually, each person wants in on the fun, but collectively, it becomes overbearing and gluttonous. I admit, I would love to see people actually go about their lives AND look fabulous at the same time! Not gauging photo-ops at every corner, making sure one foot is placed nonchalantly in front of the other, head turned every so slightly, hailing an Uber while checking their Twitters and juggling their lattes. That would be refreshing. Yet, I am a photographer who is basing a career partially on taking photos of fashionistas. I would be a hypocrite if I suggested that street fashion should be left to the sartorial elite. Do I want this to be the case? YES. Will this happen? NO. And why should it? People who instigate and/or participate in the onset of a movement often brand those who follow in their footsteps as posers and infidels. “I was cool before cool was COOL.” Good for you. I believe I have a few shining moments of originality myself, but that doesn’t give me the license to decide who is worthy to follow my lead.  Alas, here I am. Smack dab in the middle of the Age of Selfies, self branding, self entrepreneurialism (is this a word?), self basking in one’s own IG and FB self worth. I have both accounts (actually, I have two of each..yikes!) as well as a website, blog (obviously), and various other SM platforms to let the world know my every move. I am Hypocrisy Man! (Note to self: 1.Create your own cape logo, accessories and fragrance line by next week. 2. Blog about the experience starting tomorrow. 3. Check your IG…)  So what’s a well intentioned schmuck to do? Do I hang up my camera and wish I was there in the beginning with Schuman, Ton, Oh and (lest we forget) Mr. Cunningham? Do I hold castings for fashionistas during Fashion Week and only let those with true “sprezzatura” walk the streets of Gotham and Gay Paree (always wanted to say that…chuckle)? Or do I just do my best to tolerate and possibly support people trying to look their best for me, you, us and for their ever hungry egos? I prefer the latter. Better a world full of colorful (well dressed!) peacocks than beige and gray peahens! I take that back. Never forget neutrals!

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