Projects…First Semester


First Semester

Hello Everyone! It’s be a long, busy and fruitful first semester at the Academy of Art University and I realize I haven’t posted anything for over a month. Bad blogger, bad! So goes the way of the terminal art student…

To remedy this lack of attention, I present to you the highlights of each assignment along with a few comments here and there. To start, there were 15 weeks of school and 15 presentations per class completed by the beginning of every week. No small order to fill, but I was prepared for most of the challenges. When I wasn’t, I sought help from others, talked less and listened more. Also, I learned to eat on the go, spend all day and night at the computer, and fall asleep at a moment’s notice only to wake in the nick of time to get off the bus. Above all, I gave myself a break when I thought it was all too much and that I wasn’t going to make it. Praying helped, too.

I started off confident and strong, assured that I would conquer any task in my way. But, as I finished each assignment and thought I could breath, another one was demanding to be created! Relentless in their attack, these demon spawn images lurked beneath my consciousness. They nagged at me in the middle of the night. They interrupted me when I attempted civility with other humans. They made a shambles of my diet and exercise routine. They cajoled, complained, manipulated, man handled, pushed and pulled, abused, amused, entertained, inspired, enticed and finally amazed me when they sprang from my head like the Birth of Zeus! (This actually didn’t happen. Cronus, his big bully dad, swallowed all his sibling and a rock that looked a lot like little Zeus. Zeus grew up with his mom Rhea in the ‘burbs of Crete. Later on, Zeus came back and made “Pop’s” barf up the would be Gods and sent him packing. The “springing from his head” image sounds better! – ed.) So melodramatic and it’s only the first semester of a 4 year experience. Well, a little drama makes for good copy!

I’m looking forward to a well-earned summer break! I’m also excited to connect with other professional photographers and studios, assisting and working along the way. For now, I hope you all find my images inspiring, intriguing, and visually stimulating. See you on campus, as they say! -PH

PH 100 – Photography as a Visual Language.

 Four Way Assignment

Choose a stationary subject and create engaging compositions from four distinctive angles.

Quality of Light

Create compositions where Light is the main focal point. This one I missed because the light is secondary in the stairs image. Progress not perfection, right?

Form and Narrative

Form being a structural focus and Narrative tells a story. The sand and feet has elements of both.


Create images that represent the idea of home. This was fun! I implemented structural elements from earlier assignments and discovered parts of the city I hadn’t known before.


Obviously, I lean towards formal compositions, so I forced myself to explore more narrative work. Purposeful color made everyone feel better!

Self Portraits

This guy is great to work with! Just feed him chocolate and don’t take anything personal.

Time and Space

Things got real busy on this one. It got me out of my formal box and allowed me to play with collage and post processing. Photoshop is my new Mistress!

Final Project

Every class built upon each other and led me to this. I’m going to continue this collage effect. I can see it fitting into future fashion projects and enhancing my style as well.


So ends Part One of the First Semester. Stayed tuned for Part Two: PH108 – Photography Principles and Techniques. Thanks for following along! -PH