Streets…It’s time to go!

It’s Time To Go!

I’m packing my grip and heading out on the road again to see what I can find. First stop – New York City for Fashion Week. The kids are back in town with a whole new season of glitz and glamour to behold. The streets will be teaming with peacocks, starlings, and more birds of a feather that I could name. I will be poised and ready with my cameras at hand. I don’t want to miss a second of what promises to be a most excellent season on Fashion Island.


Later on, I will be heading across the pond to London, Milan, and Paris to document what it means to be a fashionista in the Old World. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be traveling to les terres de couture!  My mind is racing with images of Westwood clad punks drinking pints, Milanesi sipping espresso with molto sprezzatura, and young lovers on the banks of the Seine huddled in embraces as accordions lull the city to sleep. Excuse me, but I’ve been watching a lot Woody Allen movies lately.

In any case, my adventure starts next week and frankly I can’t wait! I’ve already packed, unpacked, and packed again in anticipation of what lies ahead. I will travel light to make room for trinkets and knick knacks from back alleys and forgotten storefronts. I have been dreaming of this day for so long and now it is nearly here!


So, with no further delay, I bid you all farewell, ciao and bon voyage! I will keep you well informed with humble images and witty banter as a travel in the Footsteps of Fashion.

Wish me luck!

Pete Hopkins – photographer, writer, rebel, flaneur-at-heart